Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas

Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas is a company that is specializing in professional crime scene cleanup and removal services, where hazardous environment would prove lethal towards victims and clients alike. We’ve been servicing the Dallas citizens for more than 10 years of excellent service since 2006 and after 10 years of careful situation covered and services provided, Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas has been known to handle crime scene clean up, preserving it professionally once the cleanup was done, and providing substantial care for our clients, while keeping our objectives, which is to restore the customer’s heart and property at ease, so they can still return to their normal lives, with secure and breathable condition at their home’s comforts.


Our offices are deliberately placed in different points around the metros, ensuring our clients that we will be able to respond in a few hours of emergency, any time of the day, even at night. We will send our best professional technicians and will assure you that you will be in our compassionate hands.

Crime and Homicide Cleanup Services

We know that it is a shocking experience, with post-traumatic effects. Homicides and crime-related deaths can be damaging, but we don’t want to let it damage you further. We are committed not only in cleaning the scene, but also in helping you with your recent experiences of the happening. Once we arrive at your doorstep, we will deploy are expert members and skilled technicians to deal with the situation efficiently, empathically, and discreetly, providing documented written reports and paper works (Certificate of Treatment) that you will need in the process of recovery.

Trauma and Suicide Cleanup

When someone has been depressed too much and they can’t take it anymore, they resort to narcotics and alcohols. But when it is too much to bear, some take their life at death’s grasp. We know it’s traumatizing and mentally-damaging, especially if you lose someone dear to you. But we don’t want you to experience their pain, let alone their own decisions.

Moreover, we will provide documented reports and personal documents you could keep. We will help you, supplying Certificate of Treatment. We will be sure to help you in more than ways we can.

Unattended Deaths Cleanup

The smell of stench odor of a missing dead person that couldn’t be easily found are one of the toughest jobs our team of professionals face in some of the complicated tasked they go into. Although, they are professionals and well-versed in tracking decomposing bodies and causes of deaths, it is still one of the most arduous tasks that we’re facing in some serious cases. BioWash process helps us with the job, sanitizing and cleansing using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) fluorescence testing, that most hospitals utilize in the same field of work, and preserving the place well that it could still be good as new, providing Certificate of Treatment, in full-scoped documents.

Blood Cleanup

We always make sure that we clean up even tiny spaces that could be a potential place for blood splats and spill splashes. But, should the blood spill isn’t any bigger than their plates; the inhabitants can perform it themselves, following blood-cleaning procedures, while equipped with the PPE and disposed in within their legal boundaries. We will remove all blood stains and spills that may contain harmful pathogens that can directly affect your skin and hazardous viral contaminations. Should you need our fast and efficient cleaning services, call us now!

Industrial Accidents Cleanup

Industrial accidents cannot be always avoided and might happen soon as misuse or malfunction of equipment occur, resulting in potential financial loss of a company, and will drastically affect employees as well, with the halt of jobs for careful testing and series of quality-control runs. We want to fix that problem for you without worrying about sales, revenues, and production distress. We work with a lot of sectors, government and private ones, ensuring that we will lend them our fast-response team of cleanup technicians and specialist, maintaining and restoring the accidents to minimum damage loss, while adhering to the safety regulations standard we follow during our deployment to the place.

Tear Gas Removal

Respiratory hazards are no menial task for Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas. Not only it does damage to the person internally, it also makes the person experience radical aftereffects of gas-related incidents, such as difficulty in breathing and physical irritations. We deal with the events with professionalism and care, as to gas will inflict respiratory problems and more internal effects should we are not careful enough. With conditions such as these, we always wear safety goggles, protective gas masks, hazmat suits, covering as much as radius of spreading and eliminating it revert the air conditions to breathable and safe.

Hoarder Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas dealt with a lot of hoarder cleanup operations during our company’s business run for the past 20 years. Hoarding cleanup is no easy task, as years of neglect over a property makes the task hard enough to clean with, especially since when bacteria, molds, and other present viral hazards had kept up with the property for years. Being cautious and vigilant, we want to meet the expectations of our clients, while dealing with the cleanup with a more prudent approach.

Biohazard Removal and Remediation

We, at Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas, are no strangers to biohazard removals. While we’re keeping purely biohazards, we’re never limited to cleaning and helping build a recovery plan for post-traumatic effects of biohazards, using medical-level technologies most hospitals used which is ATP tests, which proved to be a crucial technology for our line of work. We offer fast cleanup services while keeping it discreet and strictly following the OSHA safety regulations.

Vehicle/Car Accident Cleanup

Is your prized car damaged? Is it stained with blood or painted with filth and potential hazardous chemicals? Then your car insurance will cover it up for you. But then again, will they remove possible contagious biohazard? No? Then we’re here to help you. Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas is a company not only boast its expertise in home cleanup from blood spills to hoarder cleanup services, we also cover vehicle-related accidents and dangers that will put your life at risk, even if you don’t see it. Your car insurance cleanup will only clean any dirt and visible marks from your vehicle, but then again, we’re here to cover for their jobs, in which they are limited to. See areas we serve. Call us now!

When you have an issue that could possibly affect your health, these are the guys you want to deal with. When they arrived and realized that it was going to be easier than anticipated, they knocked the price down. Excellent service.